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If you knew you could save a life, just by listening, would you?

If your answer is “yes” then we invite you to join the fight against suicide.  It’s a big commitment; but its also a chance to make a huge difference for someone reaching out for help.  Your empathy, and willingness to be involved, are all you need.  We provide the training and resources.

CONTACT Care Line volunteer training starts with 16 hours of classroom training.  The central focus of the classroom training is for you to become skilled in the use of Active Listening.  The first 8 hours (4 class sessions) are dedicated to practical application of this life skill through small group practice. The next 8 hours of classroom build on the active listening skills and also introduce crisis response skills.  You’ll get QPR training during session 5.  The remaining sessions (6-8) prepare you for the crisis line, including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

While you’re completing the classroom portion of the class, you’ll begin 12 hours of “apprenticeship” time in the call room.  This is your chance to see what you’re learning in the classroom in action. Additionally, you have approximately 8 hours of video instruction that you can watch whenever you choose.

If you choose to continue as a volunteer on the crisis lines (and are offered a position) you can then receive ASIST training at no cost.

For more information including schedule, fees, and registration form, click HERE.

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