• Listening in England
    London’s Piccadilly Circus is a noisy place. Much like New York’s Times Square.
  • On the Aging and Homebound
    Sometimes at CONTACT Reassurance we get the question, "Why do seniors need a daily call?"
  • Reassurance: The Need
    CONTACT U.S.A is known for its crisis work with suicide and crisis hotlines. But there is another service the organization offers that is a little less known.
  • The Power of Being Heard
    Some thoughts after watching ‘The Listeners,” a documentary about the training of non-professional volunteer crises line workers
  • 13 Reasons Why
    We've all been shaken by recent events at Farragut High School. Our hearts ache for the parents and also for friends, relatives, classmates, teachers, and administrators.
  • On the road…
    Remember the time someone listened to you?